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Matthias Sammer has warned Bayern Munich that they cannot relax

Bayern Munich’s director of sports Mathias Sammer has warned his players that they cannot relax in Portugal. He believes that a 1-0 advantage is not enough in the Champions League and that they will need to be on the guard against a Benfica team that can be dangerous at home.

Things started well for Bayern Munich in the first leg when they opened the scoring just after 2 minutes thanks to a goal from Arturo Vidal, but Benfica came back into the game. The Portuguese club played well in defence to restrict Bayern Munich to some long-range effort.

Bayern’s defender Martinez was keen to recognize that Benfica has a strong defence that plays a high pressing game making it difficult for them to build attacks. He believes that the Portuguese team is well-organised and that it will take something special to beat them.

However, Phillip Lahm believes that if they could score one goal in the match, then they should be able to qualify. Indeed, with Bayern leading 1-0, Benfica cannot afford to sit back. They will have to attack, and this could leave gaps at the back that the Bayern’s offensive players can exploit. Continue reading

Pep Guardiola has defended his decision to leave out Mario Gotze

Pep Guardiola has defended his decision to leave out Mario Gotze from the game against Cologne last weekend.

Bayern Munich could only manage a narrow 1-0 win in this away match, but it was all about three points for the reigning champions. There has been nervousness amongst Bayern Munich supporters in recent weeks due to Borussia Dortmund showing impeccable form. The arch rivals had closed the gap on Bayern Munich in recent weeks. However, Guardiola’s team have managed to extend the advantage back to 5 points following this victory.

Mario Gotze seemed like one of the big stars for the future at Bayern when he made the transfer from Dortmund in 2013. However, he has featured in just 12 matches this season. He does not seem to figure in the plans of Guardiola, who is set to depart at the end of the campaign. Continue reading

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