The day the Grand Slam game was held between Ireland and England it was a treat for the fans of both sides, but more for the Ireland fans who were on a high after being the winners of the Six Nations tournament. There were several treats in store for the Ireland fans in more ways than one. For instance, Aer Lingus had special treats in store for fans that used the airline to fly to London for the Grand Slam game. They gave a complementary jersey to every Irish fan who was on the flight from Dublin to London for the game.

The game was scheduled at Twickenham stadium on St Patrick’s Day which was on a weekend. Many fans were flying in to support Ireland at the stadium for the Grand Slam and the airline took the opportunity to offer the Irish fans a jersey that they could wear to the stadium to support their nation. That was not the only way the airline celebrated the near certain win of their country. They even decorated their planes, not only for St Patrick’s Day but also on occasion of the rugby event. Continue reading