And it’s goodnight from me…

By royhendo // February 02 2012

And it's goodnight from me

Time to sign off from Level 3 Football folks - I’ll be moving over to The Anfield Wrap on a more or less permanent basis from here on in.

Good night Gawd bless.  grin

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So Who’s Gonna Challenge?

It’s gonna be close this year. The two Manchester clubs, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal - they’re all either there, or a hop and a skip from ‘there or thereabouts’. So it stands to reason that with that many clubs boasting that kind of strength, it’s gonna go right to the wire - that four or five runners will still be in…

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Excuse me Sport

1990 was a brilliant year for me. One of those years where I felt like the world was lined up on rails and I was some kind of unstoppable juggernaut - the salty joys of youth. Let’s see. I had my highers (Scottish people do them instead of A-Levels) and they went like a dream. I had a part time job by a local golf course…

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Andre Villas-Boas - How Would He Fare At Chelsea?

This is adapted from an earlier profile of Andre Villas-Boas, co-written with The Talented Mr Dilkington. Villas-Boas is now strongly linked with a move to Chelsea, whose fans will remember him as the “Mini Mourinho”. But he was always an enigmatic character during his stint there. This profile hopefully provides…

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Boys Just Wanna Have Fungibility

D’you know, I sometimes wonder why I agreed to moderate a Liverpool site’s “Summer Transfer Forum” this year. Sure, it can be hilarious - and by God do you get ample evidence of humanity’s flaws - but sometimes you despair at the modern fan’s schizophrenic tendencies…

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Mourinho and his Real Madrid Routinization

It’s been several weeks since my last instalment on the subject of Jose Mourinho, arguing that he uses a tried and tested psychological recipe to assert his authority at every football club he joins. So now it’s time to explore that theme in a little more detail. After all, there have been some significant developments…

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Jose Mourinho’s “Personality Cult In A Box (TM)”

They might have won a double last year, and they might technically still be in for the two big pots, but let’s be honest - Chelsea, in spite of all that, still suffer from ‘Post Mourinho Syndrome’. In my view, what he put in place there was a textbook personality cult. And I’m not just talking about the club itself…

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Violence Greatly Enhances Old Firm Encounter

Celtic 1, Rangers 0. Over the decades we’ll all have become used to seeing that or a similar combination of words and letters and instantly seeing it followed by the kind of pompous sneering drivel usually reserved for Daily Mail readers or Points Of View (does Points Of View even still exist I wonder?). It’s the…

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A quick plug for “Blueprint For Football”

Have a nosey: http://www.blueprintforfootball.com/ In this new site, Paul Grech and friends (including my bad self) are gonna explore youth development and the recipes used worldwide in youth development. Should be interesting, and as always with Paul, it’s a privilege to be involved.

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Lucas Leiva - Vickery and Duarte’s words of wisdom from 2008

Earlier today I watched a MilanKakaBaros’s video compilation of Lucas Leiva during Liverpool’s match with Chelsea this weekend. It got me thinking. Shortly after the game I tweeted “A pass and move team suits a pass and move player”, and while some might disagree, I firmly believe that to be the case. The last day or two…

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Kenny Dalglish - Does He Suit A Perm?

One of the great joys of Kenny Dalglish’s ‘caretaker’ tenure at Liverpool thus far has been the head scratching it’s prompted amongst the tactical intelligentsia. Since the Man Utd game we’ve seen the cream of our emerging crop of analysts tackle the subject of his tactical approach, and it’s fair to say we’re still some…

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Andre Villas-Boas - would you back him as the next Liverpool manager?

I was once a Technical Author by trade. It’s an interesting job that, for me at least, came with interesting side-effects. My boss at the time, an impressive, charismatic lady who now makes her living as a “chick-lit” novelist, set about instilling a certain discipline into her, well, ‘disciples’. Go on - let your mind…

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Michael Laudrup - would you back him as the next Liverpool manager?

If not a truly ‘formative’ episode in my football timeline, the 1986 World Cup is still a regular feature in my mind’s private cinema. Maybe not the most regular feature, ahem, but still a vivid series of memories. The drama during my country’s qualification, the loss of Big Jock at Ninian Park, the palaver over whether…

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Ralf Rangnick - would you back him as the next Liverpool manager?

The Victor Chandler odds checker for the new manager of Liverpool FC is a curious sight. The usual suspects are there, pride of place at the top of the li… hold on. Who’s Ralf Rangnick? And 6/1? That means there’s a remote possibility this fella could take the helm at our beloved club, doesn’t it?

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Have tactics really changed in 2010?

Just a short post this, but having read this by Jonathan Wilson on how tactics have changed in 2010, I have to say, had Holland not fluked their way past Brazil in the World Cup, you’re looking at an entirely different article. Tournament football is what it is - high stakes, tournament football. One wrong move and…

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Strategies of Genius - Jose Mourinho

Alright - might as well get to it. I’m no expert in the techniques I’m going to try and use here, but I’m interested in them, and they’re going to provide plenty of food for thought. As such, I make no apologies - I look forward to you all telling me where I’m going wrong. All feedback is good feedback! I plan to use the…

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“Arsene Who?”

The theme of this “project” is to look at individuals who got their big break and analyse what it is that made them stand out from the crowd. So, right to it and on to Arsene Wenger and the first question that springs to mind is – what is it that David Dein saw in him that made him decide that he was worth plucking from the

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“A jockey doesn’t have to be born a horse”

When Mike Ashley sacked Chris Hughton last, citing the need to bring in a “higher profile manager” days before hiring Alan Pardew, we were handed Exhibit A in the case to confirm that sanity, along with loyalty, is dead in football. And it is fickleness that sits in the witness box accused. A similar situation occurred…

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Don’t Worry Karim - it’s Groundhog Day for Jose

Why Karim Benzema’s current plight at Real Madrid will stand him and his squad in good stead - after all, we’ve seen it time and again. Last night’s Revista De La Liga featured a few moments of heated debate between Guillem Balague and Graham Hunter on the subject of Karim Benzema, and his prospects of flourishing under…

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Mourinho on what it means to be a ‘Big’ club

Before moving on to the mental stuff on Jose Mourinho - two quick sets of quotes - the first from Mourinho himself relating to his time at Uniao Leiria early in his career, and the second from his biographer describing a turning point during his first job at Benfica, relating to Mourinho’s expectations of how a ‘big’...

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Mourinho - what makes him tick?

As this blog is interested in ‘best practice’ in football management, it’s only natural to spend time (and oodles of it) musing over Jose Mourinho, and picking over his words to try and gain an insight into what makes him tick as a manager. With that in mind, it’s worth introducing a theme that will run for as long as…

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Level 3 Football - Level 3

So - to the third development level hinted at in the Rinus Michels (RM) book “Teambuilding: The Road to Success”. Before starting - why not sum it up in one fell swoop eh? Barcelona, on the 29th of November 2010, served up the definitive display of what this ‘level’ of team building is all about. They beat Jose Mourinho…

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Level 3 Football - Levels 1 and 2

Building on the introduction post a few days ago, this post introduces the idea of the three footballing ‘levels’, and describes more fully levels 1 and 2 - the relevant factors at those levels, and how (ideally) a club will steadily progress over time towards Level 3, expanding their footballing repertoire along the way…

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Xabi Alonso - A Level 3 Profile

Xabi Alonso is a unique player. Now 29, the Spaniard has already won most of the major honours in the game. Yet to some eyes, it’s not immediately obvious what he adds to a team’s mix. The reasons for that are surely worth investigating. If we can figure out what these people see, and how they do it, then surely we’ll…

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Level 3 - an introduction to the framework

Following on from my earlier post on the context behind the “Level 3” idea, in this post we start to delve into the detail, but first, a little summary of the framework Michels (RM) outlines in “Teambuilding”. RM’s book tells us (assuming we’re coaches) how to build a team. He doesn’t stop at the first team - he…

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Xabi Alonso v Everton, September 2008 - a minute-by-minute

This article was written on September 27th 2008, shortly after Liverpool’s away win at Goodison in the Merseyside derby. It’s fair to say it kick-started my fascination with the player and his role, as prompted by my friends Bharat Choda and Mark Hayhurst, both fellow writers on RAWK. So here goes - a minute-by-minute on…

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The website learning curve

Why a slow start here might pay dividends in the long run. It’s fair to say a little more mastery of web technologies will stand this site in good stead - particularly given the ambitions behind it. Once upon a time we had a nice thread on RAWK where a few of us dug into the nuts and bolts of what made the game tick…

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Revista’s piece on La Masia confirms Margaret Scott Brown’s thinking

The following quotes are all relevant to my earlier post proposing a top-to-bottom footballing philosophy established for the club - a philosophy that suspended judgement on kids’ physical attributes and put their footballing brains first. Guillem Balague’s excellent “Golden Generation” piece, run as a series on Revista…

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The Only True Moneyball Strategy Available

It’s unlikely that those in football circles will know the name “Margaret Scott Brown”. In fact, it’s unlikely that many people outside of Margaret Scott Brown’s own circles will know the name “Margaret Scott Brown”. But having enjoyed ten minutes of her time last Saturday morning, I got the feeling that they should…

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Pay As You Play by Tomkins, Riley and Fulcher - Book Review

Four questions for you all: 1. Do you know who Paul Tomkins is?  2. Do you know who Graeme Riley is? 3. Do you know who Gary Fulcher is? 4. Do you think fans of other clubs know who any of these three are?  I’d suggest that, not too long from now, the answer to all three of those questions will increasingly be ‘Yes’...

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The Fall Of Liverpool

This article, produced after reading the data presented to support the book “Pay As You Play”, covers the decline of Liverpool FC since the inception of the Premier League in 1992.  In an interview ahead of his testimonial in September 2010, Jamie Carragher, when asked what he would say to “Alex Ferguson if he ever met…

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Henry Must Tune The One String We Have: Our Attitude

The expression “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone” has never been more valid than it has been this season. Even the most obstinate critics of the last regime will realise that from a tactical perspective our game has regressed. I don’t actually think relentlessly harking back to the past is healthy, but comparing and contrasting two separate approaches to the game is only human nature…

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Carragher’s Career Extension Symptomatic Of Deep-Rooted Problems

Published both here and on www.redandwhitekop.com.

Expectations before the 2002/2003 season were high. In the years leading up to it, we had finished 4th, 3rd and 2nd. It was meant to be our year. Going fourteen games unbeaten at the beginning of the campaign had spirits running sky high. Nobody could have predicted that when Liverpool travelled up to Middlesbrough on November 9th – sitting top of the table - it would be twelve games and over two months before we would record our next league win…

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