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Leicester Tigers 33 Harlequins 16 | Tigers’ 2013 Aviva Premiership semi-final tries


  1. BlackSamuraiUK

    Tom croft you beast

  2. BlackSamuraiUK

    Tom croft you beast

  3. Nicholas Craigen

    So true, though he has been injured and he's in the Saxons now.

  4. Vinnie Chan

    He's under great hands now -this season he was given a chance to recover from injuries and work on his game. Let's not forget he's learning from none other than Geordan Murphy and Im sure after a string of games in the position he will back in England fold. Foden is still the number 1 FB tho

  5. shanghaigap

    I would imagine that Tait's experience with England under Andy Robinson, Brian Ashton and MJ would have put him off jumping back into the red and white shirt. Shuffled around from centre, to full back, to wing, he was never allowed to settle in a position which, under decent coaching, he would have made his own; he subsequently became the biggest waste of talent in English Rugby for the past decade (maybe competing with Simpson-Daniel for that depressing title.)

    Certainly pushing Goode now!!

  6. MNightTomalan

    Tait has been criminally underused by England.

  7. Philip Watson

    "not how you spell try's (in that´╗┐ context anyway)"
    Don't be daft – tries is the plural of try and there were 4. Try's means something belonging to a try.
    One of the 4 tries was scored by Croft. He was that try's scorer.
    Anyway – totally irrelevant – just watch and appreciate.

  8. Rory Hughes

    Tom croft = BEAST
    Tigers all the way

  9. KarlTheGiraffe

    Tigers all the way!!

  10. madjoel44

    tom croft… pure class

  11. Jamesgftw

    I do believe that's not how you spell try's (in that context anyway)

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