Bayern Munich should be grateful to their goalkeeper Manuel Neuer for helping them win a difficult game against Ingolstadt.

Indeed the German team was far from being at their best and was second best for most of the game. Bayern Munich was missing several players, and this showed on their performance against Ingolstadt.

The match started poorly for the German champion as they fail behind just after 8 minutes. This was a shocked for the Bayern Munich team that was expecting an easier game. However, they managed to come back into the game through Lewandowski just after 4 minutes.

Many people were hoping that the equalizing goal will motivate the Bayern Munich team, but nothing happened. Ingolstadt was keen to get a result in the derby match and played well defensively. Their defense was organized well and denied Bayern Munich time and space on the ball.

Ingolstadt was not just happy to sit back however and created chances on their own especially on counter-attacks. With Bayern Munich pressing to take the lead, they left plenty of spaces at the back and many times they were helped by Manuel Neuer who prevented them from conceding.

However, Ingolstadt did not manage to keep the intensity for the whole game and will eventually concede two goals in the second half. Xabi Alonso will first give Bayern Munich the lead and then it will be Rafinha who will add a third goal to make sure that Bayern Munich returns to the top of the table with the win.

Many pundits believe that Bayern Munich was not motivated for the game, and they underestimated the opposition. However, their coach Ancelotti was keen to say that his team does not underestimate any team and that they were surprised by the organization of Ingolstadt.